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Take trial preparation to an entirely new level.

Consider not only the legal aspects of the case, but the psychological factors that will affect the outcome.

Discover what matters to jurors - how they are likely to attribute blame - what is easy for them to understand and what is confusing.

The Trial Synergy approach was developed as a direct result of Jeri Kagel's extensive experience working as a psychotherapist, attorney and litigation consultant. She brings her knowledge of law and her understanding of behavioral nuance to every case on which she consults.

Trial Synergy's involvement with civil cases can include:

  • the preparation, presentation and analysis of trial themes
  • attorney and witness demeanor
  • information delivery
  • testing impact on the jury and the likely outcome

For more than 16 years, Jeri Kagel has worked with plaintiffs and defendants on civil cases involving a variety of causes of action – product liability, medical malpractice, contract disputes, employment issues (discrimination, harassment), personal injury, premises liability, police behavior, slander and liability, domestic disputes, etc. 

Jeri has consulted on cases involving injuries as seemingly uncomplicated as simple soft-tissue injuries to those more catastrophic, including brain injuries, paralysis, burn injury, and death.  She has been hired to consult with attorneys bringing or defending multi-million dollar claims and on cases with limited risk and exposure.

Jeri Kagel's clients find great value in her expertise:

From the plaintiff's perspective, "Jeri's work... with our lawyers and witnesses together has undoubtedly increased the verdicts we've received"

From the plaintiff's perspective, "she becomes more than a consultant; she becomes a partner in your case, providing the kind of advantage that can truly take your case to the next level"

From a defense perspective, "I know of no one better qualified to give attorneys and their clients the greatest possible advantage at trial."




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